Etsy Front Page Treasury Explained

Etsy’s homepage is curated by the community through Etsy’s Treasury:

Etsy selects particular Treasury collections for the homepage based on seasonal themes, a strong display of item diversity from across many categories, and strong photos with clearly represented products.

Additionally, they are looking for lists that meet the following basic guidelines:

– No items from the Treasury curator or from their alternate accounts
– No items sold by an Etsy employee or Admin
– A full list, including 4 alternates
– No more than one item per shop

Featured Seller:
The Featured Seller is always handpicked by a member of Etsy’s staff. They look for ingenuity, well-made items, interesting descriptions and top-notch item photos.

Here are some tips to help boost your treasury to that number one spot:

You should FAVORITE, LIKE, TWEET and COMMENT on EVERY SINGLE TREASURY you are featured in! If each person who is featured would FAVORITE, LIKE, TWEET and COMMENT in the treasury you are featured in, you would move up that HOTNESS SCALE!

The below information was compiled by a computer programmer who apparently studied Etsy stats and came up with how FP treasuries are chosen:

· The treasury is broken down in five categories: views, clicks, comments, shares, and report

· viewing is worth 1 point

· clicking is worth .75 points

· comments are worth 2 points

· If you are a curator and comment you lose .01 points for each comment. This may not seem like a lot but if you have the same score as another treasury, you are the one bumped down. We also don’t know how it may affect your treasury after 5 hours.

· If you are a feature only one of your comment counts as 2 points, after that you get no points even if you log in as a different shop. You are wasting your time.

· If you are neither, each comment you make is worth 2 points.

· Etsy has embedded a program that reads and records our IP address, so even when we are not logged in, this means they still know who we are every time we come on to their site. This means that even if we are logged out we cannot come back and try to have our views and clicks register, you still have to wait for the cool off period.

· You only have to click on one item to have it register. There is a one minute time delay for it to show up.

· There is a cool off period in the treasury, every 30 minutes you can go in and have your view register.

· This is the how it works for the first 5 hours of the creation of the treasury.

· The creation of the treasury includes the time it took to make the treasury.

· The first 5 hours is a grace period, you can only keep going up.

· You start out with 2,000 points.

· This point system is how they rank your hotness

· The top treasury on page 1 is around 5,000-6,000 points; the treasury on the top of page 2 is around 2,500-3,000 points.

· After 5 hours the math changes

· this change adds an outside pressure that we cannot see

· It seems that if your activity goes up from the last minute it is a positive pressure

· If your activity goes down it is a negative pressure

· If it stays the same it is a smaller negative pressure

· The amount of difference the pressure makes correlates with how big the difference is from the last minutes activities

· The hotter you are the bigger the pressure is between the differences this is true negative or positive.

· We will probably never know what the math is to this.

A few things to note:

Double posting as a featured artist does nothing. It’s pointless so don’t waste your time.

Using a second account to post also does nothing.

Posting on your own treasury will take away your points and will not get you on the FP.

Social networking is what its all about, post treasuries on your promotion teams for more views and comments. The more, the better!

So now the question is “Why isn’t my treasury on the front page or hot list?”

Why your treasury isn’t on the Front page…………………..Let me explain:

Here is one of the most asked questions that fill my inbox daily, and of course has crossed my mind more than once a day…. “Why isn’t my treasury on the Front Page???” If you are like me, you spent a lot of Tender Loving Time creating a beautiful work of art, a stunner, a treasury that you are sure is going to hit the Front Page this time…… it doesn’t hit, and there is that question of “WHY?”

There are a few reasons “WHY” actually. Etsy treasuries are no longer timed and limited, and if you browse the Etsy treasuries at random as I do, you will notice there are THOUSANDS of them. So reason number one that yours isn’t on the FP is that not very many people have seen it.

The second reason is the harder one, but the truth is that it just isn’t what the Etsy Admins are looking for. So what is it exactly that Etsy is looking for? How do you get your treasury on Front Page? Here is my deduction of what you need to do to get on that so very sought after Front Page:

Getting found:

At the moment there are over 70,000 pages of treasuries. Your treasury has to not only to stick out from the crowd…. It needs to scream “LOOK AT ME!!!” So how do you create a treasury that demands attention?

First, take time selecting your items. So many of us will make a treasury of all things that we love, our FAVORITES, but honestly that’s not what everyone else wants to see. Just because you love soft, pink collections of fuzzy teddy bears doesn’t mean everyone else does…
You have to be diverse in choosing items to feature. Now that you have an idea about items to feature, the same should go for the title of your treasury. I can’t tell you how many “I love blue” treasury titles I see during the day, an honestly, I rarely look at those.
What catches my eye are the original and spunky titles, ones that make me think or laugh. That’s what you want, something that draws a person in, think of it like fishing…. Your treasury title is your bait to reel them in!

Now, let’s talk about color. Color is a good thing, in moderation. Clashing colors are not in, never will be and won’t make it to the Front Page…ever! You must remember that Etsy is a HUGE business; their front page is the first thing consumers see, it is the face of that business. Honestly, think about it, there isn’t a single business out there that wants to look like a mismatched zoo of colors.

The THEME. You have to have a theme to build your treasury around. Find one item you really like and build around it, or pick something that has inspired you, a song, movie, you get the picture. When I look at a treasury that has random and items that don’t tie in together I lose interest and wonder what the curator wants me to see. The treasuries that I see that are totally random confuse me and I often move on. Consider that when you click on a treasury you only see 4 items initially, those have to be compelling enough to draw the viewer in.

This brings up the final point of arrangement. This makes of breaks a treasury. You can have the same items look absolutely stunning, or like a toddler rearranged your collection when you weren’t looking, this is all depending on the placement of the items. Take a good look, and take the time to rearrange if needed. Setting it up the right way can be the difference between being on the Front Page, and being on page 30,000.

Ultimately though, the goal of curating treasuries should be to have fun and promote each other. Creating treasuries makes featured artists proud, and will get you recognition of your fellow Etsians. The more treasuries you make, the more chances you have of getting to the Front Page!



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