Go ahead, make someones day!

As a shop owner on Etsy I know things can get a little hectic and with all the things we try to do to promote ourselves we tend to forget how easy it is to promote our business, ourselves and make someones day a little brighter.
Recently on my ventures into the nearest town to shop I decided to bring along  5 artwork creations with me. These were earrings that I have made, ones that took minimal time to make and produce.  I wrapped them  up in colorful tissue paper, placed my business card on top and tied it off with pretty ribbon.  I give one of these beautifully wrapped packages containing a pair of the earrings I made to the cashier, waitress, bank teller or whoever else I am in contact with on my venture.
The look of surprise and the smile you will get from giving such a small gift is the best! It makes you feel good! We must always remember that we don’t know what other people are facing in their day, we don’t know what they might be going through.  Even the most crankiest, rude person that I am fortunate enough to cross paths with will receive one of these small gifts from me.  Its a good feeling to know that I may have brightened someones day with a small act of kindness.

The benefit of this is that not only did you brighten someones day, you in turn will receive recognition from that person when they tell their friends “You will never guess what happened to me at work today!” Now, their friends will tell their friends and soon your name is the topic of conversation.

Just the thoughtfulness of giving is enough to bring a smile to someones face. These people are the ones who remember you, you made a difference in the day they were having, you made an impression. This is a great way to advertise your shop while paying it forward if you will.

No matter who you decide to give a little something to, you are promoting yourself not just as an artist but as giving and friendly person.

I figure it doesn’t take much for me cost wise to part with five pairs of earrings every week or so, and the “word of mouth advertising” I get in return is priceless. I hope this idea will be helpful to you, I know it has done wonders for me, I have received long standing clients this way.


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