Scavenger Hunt Winners are…

The fabulous things you can find shopping on Etsy!  I have an infatuation with ceramics, and found the most beautiful piece at CoraCeramics, you can visit her Etsy hop here: CoraCeramics

This little (4.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches tall) bowl is inspired by dahlia flower petals.
It started on the wheel, was hand decorated, high fired and finished with a Celadon glaze. It is a light green glossy color with scattered earthy brown speckles and a bold green petal design. It’s perfect for a small serving or for collecting lovely items like jewelry and trinkets. Food safe, Microwave safe, Dishwasher safe.


I have a funny pet peeve about bar soap, I like for it to last and not become gushy from sitting in a soap dish that holds water. Look what I found at WoodenRoads, the perfect soap holder!

These soap holders are made with beach wood with a walnut stain and lacquer finish.


If you are a fan of silver jewelry as am I, you need to browse through AriesArtisticJewelry, she has some very beautiful pieces of handmade silver jewelry!

Express your creativity with this fun, fine silver pendant that is adorned with musical notes that glide across the silver. Finished on an adjustable leather cord, this necklace will be music to your ears. This necklace has an adjustable freshwater pearl slide so it can be worn close to the neck or longer over a top. Max. length is about 30″
In my designs you will see the evidence of hand work in the little imperfections. These coveted organic notes are what give the piece their character. They say “I am handmade with love. I am unique.”


Who doesn’t love to indulge in something sweet every now and then?  If you do, you much check out SugarDevils!

Coconut Lime Cupcakes with Lime Buttercream

– Completely 100% vegan.
– Comes in a box of 4.
– Topped with toasted coconut and lime slice.



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